Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A new AmazonianNaijaQueen

Hello all,
Long time no holler!  I decided to revert all my old posts to drafts and start afresh! Hopefully, I'll be more motivated this time around to blog more about the random ish that happens with me and around me.  I attempted deleting the old posts totally but couldn't get myself to do so.  This new blog is just going to contain all my random ramblings, no real structure to it.  Don't really care for structure at this point :o

I am currently in Las Vegas, here for a conference but I am flying out in about 5 hours. 

I have realized lately that my reality isn't exactly the same as others.  Some things that excite people to no end have no effect on me.   I came with a crew of people that I go to school with for this conference and they've  been partying their asses off since we got here but I have opted to stay in nightly.  It gets dark early around here (around 4:30pm), and it's too cold outside for that mess.
Also, this is not my first time in Vegas, maybe that's why I am not as excited as I used to be about partying.  I kinda have that "been there, done that" approach to Vegas partying.

Random:  Is it THAT weird that I am a 25 year old that's never been drunk or tipsy?  Why are people always so shocked?  Some people care to and live for getting drunk every weekend, I'd much rather do other things with my time. 

Anyway, what's been up with you all?  Do I even have any readers left at this point? LOL!




  1. Long time. Enjoy Vegas, I see nothing in getting drunk either.

  2. Long time for real. I want an update on your hair journey cos I am a hair junkie lol.