Saturday, January 2, 2016

Long time no holler!

Hi Guys,
Long time no post.  Hope everyone has been great.  I simply cannot believe it has been years since my last post.  I lost my blogging mojo due to being uber-busy with school.
When I initially started this blog (before I reverted >90% of my posts back to drafts),  I was an undergraduate student.  Since then, I have graduated undergrad, graduated with an masters degree, completed a professional degree and I am currently six months away from residency completion!  I say all that to say I have been very busy and my priorities changed :(

Lately, I started having the urge to write again so I decided to re-visit my blog. I don't have a pre-determined writing frequency but I promise to at least check in once in a while from now on.

Leaving you with this video because I have watched it a zillion times and I am amused everytime I see it.   The lady is a hot-stepper and the gentleman is my new "dancing boo-in-my-head"! LOL!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas; I am also wishing you all a prosperous 2016!

With Love,
Amazonian Naija Queen